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Contract Packaging and Co-Packing Services in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Packing Services

From kitting to custom packaging to multi-packs and other value added services, Atlanta clients rely on The Shippers Group

Looking for contract packaging services in Atlanta? The Shippers Group is an industry leader in food and consumer good packaging. From assembly of variety packs, point- of-sale displays, club packs and kitting, TSG provides a wide variety of co-packing and pick-n-pack services. With mulitple locations nationwide, The Shippers Group provides a variety of secondary packaging services for the food and consumer packaged goods industries.


We tailor our warehousing services to meet the needs of our customers and optimize supply chains. Our warehousing services are reliable, efficient and productive.


From custom packaging to kitting, The Shippers Group enables CPG companies to have a total outsourced model for contract packaging services – spend more time managing your business.


The Shippers Group provides eCommerce and direct sales order fulfillment services for business-to-business and direct to consumer shippers.


For over 30 years, Shippers Express, a division of The Shippers Group, has been a trusted partner, helping move products safely, timely, and competitively.

Cost Savings

Relying on The Shippers Group as your distribution provider and co-packer offers manufacturers the opportunity to:

  • Streamline their supply chain
  • Save handling costs and transportation expenses of transferring product between point of manufacture, co-packing operation, and storage warehouse
  • Reduce loss and damage of less handling

Value Added Services

We provide services such as packaging, point-of-sale displays, labeling and transportation management. Packaging services of The Shippers Group offer manufacturers increased flexibility to stream-line their supply chain and reduce costs.

  • Automation
  • Bar-code and labeling
  • Promotional packs
  • Display assembly
  • Kitting
  • Variety packs
  • Point-of-sale displays
  • Club packs
  • Pick-n-pack
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