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Diversity & Inclusion

Our Commitment is YOU

Inclusive 3PL Partner

With our differences comes strength, empowerment, and greater performance.

The Shippers Group is committed to being the most diverse and inclusive 3PL partner, because we know that with our differences comes strength, empowerment, and greater performance.

We build our teams and cultivate leaders based on these principles so that, together, we can drive innovation and company growth, and create change that positively impacts our associates, partners, and the communities we serve.

Talent Acquisition

Build, retain, and leverage a workforce where diversity and inclusion are nurtured to drive innovation and company growth.

Company Culture

Foster an authentic culture and engaging workplace by mentoring and developing an atmosphere where everyone feels respected and where inclusivity shines.


Support our supply chains by creating diverse partnerships between customers and vendors who align with our company values.

Shippers Group is ONE

The Shippers Group strives to be a company that champions our Mission, Vision and Core Values as ONE. Together we make The Shippers Group the best it can be, as an employer and as a supply chain partner. Our differences make us better and stronger as a team and as a company, which is why we are committed to ensuring our associates are set up for success through mentoring and leadership training programs.

Leadership development and team building are a crucial part of strengthening our company and positioning ourselves for long-term growth and economic success. As part of our continuous improvement efforts, The Shippers Group has a Leadership Training Academy geared toward ensuring our associates are set up to succeed in their current roles and to fill future roles. Initiatives such as the Emerging Leaders program cultivates leaders that know how to unleash individual talent and create an environment where all talent can thrive. By building better leaders, The Shippers Group is working toward achieving greater levels of success—including a more engaged workforce, lower levels of turnover, an inclusive workplace, and sustainable growth.

Celebrating Diversity

Committed to a welcoming environment

At The Shippers Group, we believe our associates are our most important asset. We invest in our people because it is their ideas and hard work that have led us to become a Leading National 3rd Party Logistics Provider.

As we continue to grow, so does our need for talented, positive and energetic team players who are passionate about our cover values of Integrity, Innovation, Excellence, and Safety. Join our team and become part of the TSG family, where we strive to be the Employer of Choice!

Available Positions

Diversity and inclusion are not only a matter of our social responsibility, but also a critical pillar in our foundation to help ensure growth, profitability and company esprit de corps. to innovate and prosper, we rely on a diverse group of voices and experiences from acorss the breadth of our organization. From the front-line workers to the c-suite, we remain committed to investing in our associates for both their future and for the long-term sustainability of our 120-year-old company.

Rob DoylePresident, The Shippers Group

The Shippers Group stives to be the employer of choice through innovation and creativity. Our company's success stems from the teamwork and collaboration of our diverse team, which is why our hiring strategy focuses on building and retaining a workforce where diversity and inclusion are nurtured. We remain committed to creating and enabling environment where our associates can grow through equal access to opportunity, flexible employment, and education and training.

Diane VillafanaVice President HR & Safety Compliance
The Data

The results are in the numbers

At The Shippers Group, we know actions speak louder than words, and that is why we are committed to being transparent as we track and continue to improve our progress. We remain actively engaged in not only hiring a diverse workforce but also in creating an environment that is focused on retaining valued associates.