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Contract Warehousing Services

Industry Leader in Warehousing Solutions

A contract warehouse will handle the receiving, storage, and order fulfillment of goods in a facility and with labor dedicated to only one account. The Shippers Group is a specialist in contract warehousing with sites dedicated to serving a single customer’s unique distribution needs.

Warehousing Locations

Looking for Atlanta Contract Warehousing, Dallas Contract Warehousing, or Contract Warehousing anywhere in the United States? The Shippers Group is an industry leader in contract warehousing of food and consumer packaged goods.

Dallas, TXAtlanta, GA
Flexible Agreements

Finding you the space, labor, and services your business requires

The Shippers Group offers clients options for space and labor. We can assist in site selection to ensure the perfect space and location for the distribution center, and our services can include designing the building’s layout, implementation plan and process, staffing, training, equipment, and systems to ensure ideal efficiency and the highest levels of customer service.

We also offer labor only options with The Shippers Group providing skilled and professional labor management services for materials handling, order fulfillment, contract packaging, and other value-added services that match the customer’s unique business needs.

Dedicated contract warehousing services are typically capital intensive. The Shippers Group is flexible so that agreements fit the needs of customers with duration of agreement commonly running several years. These agreements are ideal for larger manufacturing and distribution support and contract packaging operations often requiring investment in specialized equipment.

Unbeatable Contract Warehousing Services & Amenities

Handling the shipping, receiving, and storage of your products in a facility and with labor that is dedicated exclusively to your account — helping keep track of your inventory, so that you can spend more time keeping track of your customers.

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Information is vital to streamline workflows within your supply chain. The Shippers Group continuously invests in the last technologies to ensure compatibility and information data exchanges in multiple formats. From the Warehouse Management System, Labor Management System, Transportation Management System, Web Portal, to EDI and API platforms, we have all critical functions fully covered.

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The Shippers Group and their customers rely on Key Performance Indicators to measure and improve performance. By tracking and analyzing KPIs, 3PL warehouses identify opportunities to increase efficiency, improve service and lower costs. Inventory Accuracy, Order Pick Accuracy, and On-Time Shipments are among common KPIs that 3PL warehouses customers require.

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