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The Shippers Group Sustainability Policy

Management has developed a pro-active approach to ensure the long-term viability and integrity of our company by optimizing resource needs, reducing environmental, energy or social impacts, and managing resources while not compromising profitability. The specifics of our program benefit our customers, our employees, our company, and the world while enhancing our ability to increase profits and remain in business for the long-term.


Our employees will be reminded that the only reason we exist as a company is to provide a quality service in a time efficient, cost effective manner. Work provided to our customers will be of the highest quality with the least amount of waste possible. Satisfied customers result in positive feedback and recommendations for further work.


Our employees will work only in conditions that are not hazardous to their health and safety. Employees will be provided training, safety equipment, and professional supervision to ensure that our goal of zero accidents is attained. Well trained, competent, accident-free employees will remain with the company for the long haul and increase their job skills and eliminate the need to spend money for replacements.


It is our policy to be good corporate citizens and, to the best of our ability, protect the environment.

Specific actions we will take to protect the environment:

a. Reduction of greenhouse gases:

  1. Where possible, we will use low-emission technology such as purchasing more efficient vehicles, trucks, and machinery powered by diesel or gasoline engines.
  2. Employees are encouraged to carpool.
  3. Reduce vehicle use by pre-planning trips to reduce the miles driven.
  4. Utilizing renewable energy, where feasible.

b. Purchasing:

  1. Before purchasing products, strong consideration will be given to products that minimally impact the environment such as items made of recycled, renewable, material, items that are rated as energy efficient, etc.

c. Maintenance and Usage:

  1. Vehicles and equipment will be kept in good condition with up-to- date preventative maintenance.
  2. Employees will be instructed to not leave vehicles and equipment unnecessarily idling.
  3. When possible, the most efficient vehicles and equipment will be used.

d. Care of Local Animal, Plant Population or Habitat:

  1. Care will be taken to not disturb the local animal, plant population or habitat. This will be accomplished by reducing the noise, dust and vibrations to the lowest level possible and replacing and/or restoring damaged plant populations or habitats to the original condition before construction and/or work took place.

e. Efficient Material Management System:

  1. Care will be taken to order exactly the materials needed for a particular job as opposed to ordering about what is needed.
  2. After completion of a job, materials that can be reused will be reused instead of being thrown away. All waste materials that can be recycled or salvaged will be recycled or salvaged.

f. Energy Conservation:

  1. Equipment not in use will be shut down.
  2. Energy efficient light bulbs will be used.
  3. When purchasing new equipment, the consideration will be given to items utilizing new energy efficient technology that have the ENERGY STAR mark.

g. Water Conservation:

  1. Leaks on hoses, pipes, faucets or equipment will be repaired.
  2. Use of a broom, or at least a mop and bucket, for cleaning purposes rather than just running water through a hose for cleaning purposes.

h. Employee Education:

  1. Employees will receive informational training on conservation and be encouraged to do their part as citizens to take care of their environment and make the earth a better place to live. Training will be taught by competent persons utilizing ISO 26000:2010 and/or other appropriate training materials.


We are committed to preservation of our environment and will, to the best of our ability, prevent pollution, limit energy consumption, reduce waste, properly dispose of waste in a responsible manner and in compliance with local, state, and federal laws, use chemical products that are not harmful to the environment, use recycled products when possible, keep our employees informed of environmental issues, and, when possible, involve our suppliers and the contractors with whom we work in environmental awareness.

The above policy will increase our sustainability and, admittedly to a very, very, small degree, will make the work a better place in which to live.

This policy statement will be read to all employees and discussed during new hire orientation and annually during job safety meetings. Management discussions with company personnel will enlist their support and elicit suggestions for improvement.

This Policy Statement will be conspicuously posted.